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Just like the streets of Manhattan, the Tammy Taylor booth was standing room only for the IBS New York on March 11-14th. Clarke Lange, Shannon Urquiola, and Melissa Suarezstatueliberty_group.JPG (46344 bytes) all traveled up from the Orlando Corporate Office, together with Edie Carpenter of Concord, North Carolina, Pat Baxter from Dallas, Georgia, Angela Williams Valdez of the Dominican Republic, and Doris Gonzalez from Newark, New Jersey made up the Tammy Taylor EDUCATIONAL TEAM for the show. As usual, we saw lots of familiar faces the we look forward to seeing every year. It is so exciting seeing all of our loyal Tammy Taylor clients who travel from all over the US and also internationally to come and see what is new each year.


Everyone got to see how busy Tammy has been over the last year with all of our NEW items. The 2-colour Manicure was a hot item as well as our new True Pink powder, which everyone loves. Many were getting a chance to try our new Custom Flat brushes for the empirestatebldg1b.jpg (46274 bytes) first time too! Melissa Suarez, Customer Service Manager for the Orlando Corporate Office reported that our newest video, the Millennium Seminar Video was at he top of everyone’s wish list.


Acrylic toenails were once again a crowd pleaser. Tara Paolucci and Krista Ament from ‘A Touch of Class Salon" in Ronks, PA could not wait to get back to their salon sporting their beautiful Pink and white acrylic toenails. "Meeting Tara and Krista was a big highlight of the show for me," said Shannon Urquiola, Director of Education for the Tammy Taylor East Coast Office. "I know that acrylic toenails will become a big part of their business." She continued. Danielle Demeo from Palm Air Hair Design in Sarasota, Florida told us that she has all but two of her clientele now wearing the toenails and she keeps a full book.empirestatebldg2.jpg (58754 bytes)



The Tammy Taylor booth was once again, the place everyone wanted to be. We appreciate our clients and they know it. They know that they can just hang out, watch and learn with us. We are just like a big family. As we pack up on Tuesday, with aching feet and sore backs, we know it has all been worth it, and we are already looking forward to next year. Thank you to all of our clients for your business and loyalty, we look forward to seeing you all at out booth again next year.




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