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Tammy Taylor’s "30 Second Tan"

As spring rapidly approaches we can look around and see rebirth everywhere. From the budding flowers to the new tiny creatures stirring about. But what about us? It is time to treat yourself to a new look. Tammy Taylor "30 Second Tan" is just the thing you need. You will have a wonderful summer glow about you in only 30 seconds. "30 Second Tan" is the perfect way to achieve that healthy, golden tan, not that orange tan you get from other self-tanning products. This self-tanner is great for any skin type and will not dry out your skin like many others will. Tammy Taylor’s "30 Second Tan" is a safe way to start spring with a fantastic new you.





 Tammy Taylor’s A-Coat Top Coat

 A-Coat is a liquid plastic coating designed especially for acrylic nails. It is formulated with UV inhibitors to eliminate yellowing of your Pink and White acrylic nails. A-Coat protects and keeps the glossiest shine on your Pink and White acrylics. Tammy Taylor’s A-Coat is a necessity for everyone who wears Pink and Whites. Every client you have should have at least one bottle for home, and one in her purse for quick touch ups between appointments. Tammy Taylor’s A-Coat also comes in a formula specially designed for those clients who wear nail art, it’s Tammy’s Airbrush Top Coat. This formula protects and shines like the original A-Coat, and it protects the colors of your nail art as well.





Tammy Taylor’s Z-Coat

Tammy Taylor’s Z-Coat is the perfect way to end any nail service. Z-Coat is a fast drying, non-yellowing topcoat that leaves your nails so shiny that you will swear your nails are still wet. Z-Coat will protect your polish, smooth out streaks, and keep your red polish from fading. Whenever you polish your clients’ nails you can use Z-Coat to protect your polish and leave it beautiful with a smooth luster you cannot get from regular top coats. Tammy Taylor’s Z-Coat is the perfect topcoat to protect your A-Coat from getting sticky if you or your clients use sunscreens during the summer months or in tanning booths. Tammy Taylor’s Z-Coat contains no formaldehyde and no nitrocellulose. Z-Coat is a must have for every nail technician and for every client you have.




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