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Melodee’s adventure to Poland and Germany, as written by Melodee herself.


First of all, I can not tell you how much I appreciate Tammy Taylor the person! Not just because of the quality product she makes, or even because she has simplified every money making service there is, on video for everyone’s benefit. Also for the feeling each and everyone of us gets from meeting her, or her as a friend, (or a best friend). Tammy Taylor, the person, mother, wife, and dynamic businesswoman is just an incredible example for all of us. She proves that believing in yourself, tunnel vision, hard work, and persistence pays off. So, when the heart of the company is this wonderful, I can not help but want to go anywhere and tell as many instructors, students, and nail professionals about the Tammy Taylor way. It is not just a product it is what the product can do for you, if you let it. Like Tammy has always said, "The Tammy Taylor kit is not just a kit, it is the vehicle to get what you want out of life!" We do not just sell a kit, we look for long-time clients by offering the best product, education, and service in the nail industry. We know that if the client is successful we will be successful too.


So, now on to my adventure which began March 16th. I left bright, sunny Orlando Florida, I traveled about seventeen hours to my finial destination of Warsaw, Poland via Atlanta, Georgia and Vienna, Austria. Whew! Believe me, I tried to put as much sunshine in my suitcase as possible, because I do not like cold weather! I must tell you, as always, you can not shut me up about Tammy Taylor Nails. Throughout the whole organization we all talk about nails. You never know who you will meet and that is why Tammy has always said make sure your nails always look great. I always have my "Nails" pin on everywhere I go, and now, since it is available in gold and silver, I can match all my jewelry - there are no excuses. So, picture this… there I was, wearing my Tammy Taylor sweat suit, my beautiful pink and white sculptured nails (so long that everyone could not help but notice them), and my "Nails" pin, that invites people to inquire about how they too can get beautiful pink and white Tammy Taylor nails. The advertising power that it creates is just amazing!


Let me tell you how influential nails really are, world - wide. How many of you can identify with this scenario? My mother always said, "Be sure to keep your nails looking nice, and make sure not to bite your fingernails because there are so many germs!" Well, it seems we in the United States



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