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The Tammy Taylor TEAM was the HOT topic of the

"Ponce Belleza 2000" show in Puerto Rico on March 26th and 27th! As usual, you couldn’t miss the beautiful pink and white sculptured nails that were being done in the Tammy Taylor booth! They were definitely the BEST nails at the show!
Shannon Urquiola (Director of Education East Coast) and Debbie Vincenty (International Account Manager) were on hand to oversee the show! Also working the booth were Letty Vasquez, Jazmen Muniz, Suzette Ramirez, Christian Guevara, Rosemary Rivera, and Irma Olique.


Puerto Rico clients will now have the convenience of getting their product directly from UPS Puerto Rico! Letty Vasquez and Jazmen Muniz in Bayamon, Puerto Rico  will be handling all the education and distribution of Tammy Taylor Nail products across the island.
This is very beneficial for the clients because it will save on shipping costs from the United States. They have a great team ready to take on Puerto Rico!
Letty will keep her schedule full doing education in the schools and workshops throughout the year. Suzette will be calling on the salons, and Jasmine will handle coordination of things in the office!



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