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Pterygium Stone
'Worm' problem
W i d e nails

Hi Tammy

I recently received the "Nine Most Popular Nail Procedures" video (I loved it) and purchased a pterygium stone. How do I keep the edge sharpened once I’ve used it for a while?


Tiffaney Edwards Pitts


Scrub the Pterygium Stone with your plastic manicure brush and Peach Spa Anti-Bacterial Soft Soak & rinse. Then submerge Pterygium Stone in your First Choice or spray with your Disinfect-Disinfect-Disinfect. When the Pterygium Stone finally gets dull, I would suggest a new one.

Thank You,

Tammy Taylor





                                          Worm Problem...                                  

Dear Tammy,

A few weeks ago I wrote and asked about getting rid of my "worm" problem, and was told to remove A-Coat with acetone and to use Z-Coat on top and bottom. I did that and still have the problem. Is Z-Coat non-yellowing enough to use over my pink and whites instead? I also thought you couldn’t take A-Coat off with remover, but that you had to buff it off, so I have been doing both. Please, I need help.

Thank you,

Dianne Seat



Only put on one coat of A-Coat and then one coat of Z-Coat. The only nails that have a problem are the ones that have three or more coats of A-Coat on them; it is too hard to get off. Also, make sure you are using my Conditioning Polish Remover with acetone.

Good Luck,

Tammy Taylor




Hello Tammy,

I have a client who has wide nails. How can I (if at all possible) make her nails look a little more narrow? Please help!


Joyce Hargrave


The C-Curve really helps make a nail more narrow. Apply the product to the nail and just before it dries squeeze in on the sides of the nail groove. If you want to perfect this procedure get my "9 Most Popular Procedures" video or my "Full Set of (Pink and White) Sculptured Nails" video.

Good Luck,

Tammy Taylor








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