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There is not one of us out there that can honestly say we have not found ourselves starry-eyed over some celebrity at one time or another during our lives. It may have been the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis, or possibly the temptress Liz Taylor. Maybe David Cassidy caught your fancy or perhaps you wished to be Christy Brinkley with your face gracing every cover on the 
newsstand. Maybe it was, and still is a fascination with Eric Clapton himself  (like myself, I can admit it). The point is we have all been there. So then, what do you do when "they" walk into your upscale salon and ask for a nail service? Well, if you’re a Tammy Taylor user like Dhyana Fronk, you simply smile and say "Come on back."

Dhyana began using Tammy Taylor nail acrylic while she was a student in cosmetology school over eight years ago. She has been a devoted Tammy Taylor user since that time. Dhyana’s interest in nails began when she got her own nails done (in the beautiful Tammy Taylor pink and white style) when she was only sixteen years old. She loved the look of her nails, but the cost was a bit steep for a high school student. Dhyana started to do her own nails. A few years later she ran into her old nail technician who asked Dhyana who was doing her nails. When Dhyana said she was doing her own, her old nail tech encouraged Dhyana to go to nail school.
After graduating from beauty school, Dhyana found herself working in an upscale salon in Miami Beach, Florida. She soon found her work featured in INStyle magazine, April 1998, as well as Fashion Spectrum in December 1997 and May 1998. Dhyana demonstrated some cutting edge work in fashion magazines. As her notoriety began so did her clientele.  Dhyana’s ... cont...


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