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In another corner of the room, nail technicians could purchase any and all of the wonderful Tammy Taylor products. Tammy was able to give  step-by-step

Tammy on stage, getting a fabulous pedicure
from, Tabby Alfrey, also known as, 
"Magic Fingers".

 instructions, answer questions and trouble shoot all day, so even if you wandered off to purchase some of your favorite Tammy Taylor supplies you were still part of the class, it was like you missed nothing. Lori-Michelle Kotzin, In-House Educator, noted, "It is always great to see how many nail technicians from all over come out to see Tammy and it is the greatest thing to get to meet my clients. Though I have to say, the Las Vegas Class was just a whirlwind of activity and loads of fun."
As if Tammy had not given enough away at the banquet the night before, after each class session was over, Tammy raffled off the entire contents of the products that were just used. She would just box up the entire table, pick out a ticket, and hand over the product to the lucky winner.

The success of the Tammy Taylor Las Vegas 2000 Class was unbelievable. The following Monday we had clients calling to get tickets for the next year. Our in box for our e-mail is overflowing, and the complements just keep coming in. If

Tammy’s Dad, working at the
Practice table,
"Place, Lift 1,2,3,
Pat the White and Stroke the Pink",
is the basic practice idea, 
and Consistency.

 you missed it, you truly missed out. But, do not despair there is always next year. As we all sit back to reflect on the mind blowing two day event, Yvette Cotton, Vice President, sums it up pretty well, "Everyone had a great time, and it was really neat to see everyone enjoying all the hard work that went into an event like Tammy Taylor – Las Vegas Style."

Tammy & Janene Bushey, 
smile for the camera, just 
before the banquet.

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