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The Tammy Taylor Nails Educational Guide of the Professional

Clarke, Tony, Magda, Renata & Kora.

The Cosmoprof Show is one of the largest, if not the largest trade show in the world. The show takes place in Bologna Italy every year. This show is mainly for manufacturers to pick up new distributors throughout the world. Distributors come from all countries to attend Cosmoprof with the hope of picking up product lines like Tammy Taylor Nails.


Our exhibit was in the U.S.A. pavilion. The show is designed very well with pavilions set up for all the major countries. As we all know people want everything from the U.S., as we set the tone for the beauty and fashion. That is why the Tammy Taylor booth was the busiest booth at Cosmoprof.


I was very fortunate to have the help of some of our best International distributors. Yasmin and Taso Mavridoglou distribute products in Greece and the surrounding areas. Yasmin and Taso are great people and are always upbeat. Yasmin and I did a lot of nails, which is always fun. We were so busy that the days went by very fast. Yasmin sells mostly our Salon Fresh Odor-less products and demonstrates the odorless flawlessly. Taso is also always a huge help. Taso helped fill orders, translate, and rumor has it he was seen doing practice nails.


Also, we were blessed with our Poland distributors. Tony, Renata, Magda and Kora, made a grueling drive of eighteen hours. Magda jumped right in and did some incredible nails. What a great family and dear friends of ours they have become. They will always be on our number one International trade show team.


Tammy Taylor Nails is always exciting, in any language.

Clarke doing a nail (Clients angle).

Graciela and Giuseppe Curasi who distribute Tammy Taylor Nails in Italy were also at the show. They were in great demand. We were selling a package deal, a Tammy Taylor kit and an upcoming class from Graciella. We filled classes for her from Rome, Milan, Naples, and Venice. I am sure we would all love to go on that educational tour of Italy!


I had a great week in Italy. I met with potential distributors from Turkey, Japan, Dubai, Sweden, Spain and the U.K., to name a few countries.


Tammy Taylor products continue to grow worldwide and I thank my lucky stars that I get to be a part of it. Until next time…




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