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from one Man’s Perspective

When Max was single, his ulterior motive was selective dating. "Go to school for 6 months and yippee-great, I’ll have hundreds of women to choose from!" Max says.

In short order, Max realized, you can’t work for free and you actually have to do good nails. Doing brand new Full Sets all the time, with a lot of No-shows for fill-ins,
 was quickly depleting his resources. Advertising skyrocketed because it was constant. Word-of-mouth advertising became "Forget Him".

"All right, lead me to the education", he says.

So, another tech referred him to a terrific company. Their video library was so in-depth; he found it hard not to do good nails. Even the customer service was outstanding. They were always eager to show him more ways to improve and make more money. And if a workshop was needed, there was one going on just about every weekend.

Max recalls the novelty of it all. "Girls, girls and more girls but where’s the money..?" he questioned. "Even though you’re a guy, the women coming to get their nails done were not stupid. They actually wanted me to put on great nails," he admits.

In retrospect, Max admits his naiveté. In the course of actually holding women’s hands and learning to do great nails, he soon realized this profession had many more pluses.

He developed special feelings for what he considered "his nails"; not his client’s nails. He signed his name to every set he completed. This gave him a special feeling of accomplishment. "If I could, I would do nails for free but on second thought, I wouldn’t", he reflects. "Receiving the money for a job well done is as exciting as sculpting the nails." He goes on to say, "I love my work and I love accepting the money!"

Asked if he would ever let his son become a nail tech and he answers, "Of course! This is a real profession with top notch rewards and you will never be out of work".

He goes on to add that being a nail tech should not be the final goal. You should strive to own a successful Salon. Train others to use the same products and do the same "Pink-&-White’s" in the same fashion. And never expect others to be as good as you, although you can hope.

The idea of getting other people, you hire; to do the same things is consistency (like the ‘Consistency video), which means "No Surprises". And no surprises for the client means comfort, ability & security. This will translate into lots of good word-of-mouth advertising (which is free) and this means more net income, or more spendable income.

"This is an exceptionally, great business opportunity if you’re willing to treat it as such", ponders Max.

By freelance interviewer: Ed Taylor, Sr.


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