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Workshop: Columbus, Ohio

At the Class in Columbus, Ohio.  
Tabby Alfrey, Janene Bushey, Sharon 
White & Tory Harrelson.

Was it a day of fun..or a day of education?  It was most decidedly BOTH. May 21st, 2000, brought 75 nailtechs from various parts of Ohio together for a day of sharing and learning.  Ohio nailtechs are always eager to attend a Tammy Taylor class.

Many of the attendees are regulars and always show up to learn what’s new and exciting at Tammy Taylor Nails and as a bonus they earn 6 hours CEU credits while there.  Ohio requires that the nailtechs receive 8 continuing education hours every 2 years.

The class was a well rounded mixture of students...new nailtechs, seasoned nailtechs and salon owners.  The lecture part of the class was led by Tory Harrelson who is the Ohio representative from Tammy Taylor Corporate Office located in Irvine, CA.

One never needs to worry about falling asleep at a class with Tory in charge.  His high level energy, humor and knowledge of nails and TT products make him one of the top educators in the country.  No matter how many classes you attend you can be sure that there will be 

something new and exciting to learn and Tory makes that learning a lot of fun.  Tory makes sure that everyone leaves the class pumped with enthusiasm and a real desire to do better nails. Tory was assisted by Ohio educators Janene Bushey, Tabby Alfrey and Sharon White.  Demonstration of Tammy Taylor Pink and Whites, P&W Backfills, sculptured nails for nailbiters, and applying tips with acrylic instead of glue was demonstrated by Janene.

All of the nailtechs were eager to watch and see what pointers they could pick up.  Tabby demonstrated pink and white acrylic toenails which is popular year round but even more so now that the sandal season has arrived in the Midwest.

The attendees were anxious to go back to their salons and increase their income by offering toenails as an add-on service.  This is the perfect time of year, to entice the client into a pedicure using Tammy’s Aromatherapy Spa Pedicure line.

Many ideas of building and maintaining a clientele were shared by everyone.  The afternoon part of the class found the attendees 

Renaul Hill

practicing their new techniques on themselves and each other.  They were told to come to the class free of product on one hand so they could put nails on their one hand or practice on each other.

A special table was set up for those that wanted extra special one-on-one help.  Many of the new nailtechs were glad to be able to sit down and have educator, Sharon White spend time helping them with their techniques.  Most of the nailtechs went home with their bags filled with TT products....many of which were on sale at a great savings.

Several prizes were given to those attending and a group picture was taken with the help of one of the attendees husband manning the camera.  Everyone was thankful for all the new information they learned and inquired about the date of the next class in Ohio as they were ready to return for another day of fun and learning.

Janene Bushey

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