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Still the best way for 17 years, to rid bacteria: Sanitize - Sanitize - Sanitize

Tammy Taylor Nails, Inc., Talk of the Town, August  2000

Research has determined a 10-second application of an alcohol based Sanitizer like the T.T. Sanitize-Sanitize-Sanitize, rids bacteria from the nails better than soap and water.


While nail technicians must abide by the rules of their state boards of cosmetology, which usually consists of washing hands with anti-bacterial soap and warm water, an added step of T.T. Sanitize-Sanitize-Sanitize should be recommended before every service. Also retailing T.T. Sanitize-Sanitize-Sanitize to clients in the 4oz. purse size is recommended.


The fresh smell of T.T. Sanitize-Sanitize-Sanitize and the clean feeling, reassures the client of our professional obligation to their health, while entrusted with their care. This also educates the client on what they should expect and receive with every service. Then if they go elsewhere for any service they can make the right decision for their safety and protection.


T.T. Sanitize-Sanitize-Sanitize

Available in 5 fragrances (Coconut, Peach, Vanilla, Giorgio® & Gardenia) and 3 sizes (16oz. refill, 8oz. professional & 4oz. purse size)




T.T. Anti-Bacterial Soft Soak

All clients with artificial nails should be educated how to keep their nails healthy and clean. By scrubbing nails under the free-edge daily with T.T. Anti-Bacterial Soft Soak and a plastic manicure brush, followed with the T.T. Thymolize, clients will be able to keep their artificial nails on for years.

Plastic Manicure brush

(can be easily disinfected)

* Should be used to dust off natural nails (4th step in our 12 Step application) after etching or filing.

* Also great for cleaning underneath natural and artificial nails. Every nail tech should have enough plastic manicure brushes for their entire day of clients. Remember: NEVER use a makeup brush to dust off clients nails. This will pass germs! Only use the makeup brush to dust off retail display area and manicure table before disinfecting.



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