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T.T. Flat Brush T.T. Flat Brush Side view T.T. Original Brush

Tammy Taylor has designed two unique brush styles. Both styles are available in sizes: Small #6, Medium #7 & Large #8.

The first style, the T.T. Custom Original brush is an oval brush with a flattened ferrule made for everyone who uses oval brushes but want more control.

The second style, the T.T. Custom Flat brush is a Flat brush with long oval bristles to hold more liquid. Also, this is the easiest brush for making a perfect happy face at the free-edge. For everyone who uses flat brushes but want more flow.


The T.T. Towelettes are fantastic. 

They help:

* Prolong the life of your red sable brush.
* Keep your liquid from becoming contaminated.
* Reduce fumes in the Salon.
* Eliminate specks in your product while applying nails. (Paper towels leave little black specks in the nail.)

Note: The T.T. Towelettes are also lint-free, which makes them perfect to remove polish.


Tammy Taylor  Towelettes

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Tammy Taylor  Dappen Dishes

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The Tammy Taylor Deep Ceramic Dappen Dishes are wonderful. Use the White dish for Brush Cleaner and the Black dish for Liquid. The Black dish makes it easy to see when the liquid is contaminated.

The T.T. Deep Ceramic Dappen Dishes:

* Weigh a 1/2 pound and have a cork bottom to avoid tipping.
* Helps prevent contamination.
* Are designed to keep down fumes to Control Odor.
* Make product consistency easy.
* Have a cork Lid to keep liquid from evaporating.




Tammy Taylor Video Library
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The Tammy Taylor Video Library will help to train and keep the professional up to speed. When things seem to be going wrong, just get out a video. The Consistency video is the best for training and going back to the basics. The professionals that seem to be doing well will tell you that they practice and view the videos regularly.


Tammy Taylor Product Consistency Practice Sheet
Practice-sheet-cw60.jpg (47439 bytes) Practice Sheet PDF file for Printing

The Tammy Taylor Practice Sheet was created by Tammy, and has been used by Tammy for over 19 years. This is how she was able to practice when she didn’t have people to practice on. But she did not only use it when she was a beginner, she has used it throughout her whole career. Tammy will tell you the practice sheet is how she was able to reduce her speed to under 20 minutes for a Full Set of Sculptured Nails. She still practices on her practice sheet before every class. Remember: Perfect Consistency = Perfect Nails.

Practice at least 100 practice nails a day for beginners and 100 practice nails a week for pros.


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