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Be honest with yourself.
Rate yourself on a scale from 1-10. 10 being the best and 1 being the worst. After evaluating yourself, improve those areas that need help before promoting yourself. By improving yourself First, then promoting yourself, the clients will come back and bring a few friends. Being a 10 on all the questions below would be very difficult but nothing should be below an 8. If anything is below an 8, work on the lowest score areas first.

1. Quality of Nails: 1-10 _____ (Do clients come in for full sets and return for fill-ins? Are your Pink & White Sculptured nails and Pink & White Backfills, beautiful with perfect Happy faces? Do you not have lifting? Do you not have breaking?) (You should answer yes to all the above questions to receive a 10)

2. Quality of Service: 1-10 _____ Are you on time everyday for your first client and every client after that until the end of the day? Do you make your client feel like a queen? Do you serve little refreshments like coffee, tea, juice, etc.? Do you remember birthdays and holidays? (You should answer yes to all the above questions to receive a 10)

3. Attitude: 1-10 _____ Do you smile and greet clients by name? Are you open to helpful criticism? Do you leave personal problems at home? Do you take continuing education classes? Do you only take personal phone calls when you don’t have a client? (You should answer yes to all the above questions to receive a 10)

4. Quality of Products: 1-10 _____ Are you using 95% of all one brand of high quality products for all your services? (You should answer yes to the above question to receive a 10)

5. Station: 1-10 _____ Is your Station spotless? Do you sanitize each client? Do you disinfect your table and all implements and files before and after every client? Do you throw away old files? (You should answer yes to all the above questions to receive a 10)

6. Salon: 1-10 _____ Is the Salon you work in, more like a high-end Salon or a discount salon? (10 being the highest-end Salon and 1 being the lowest-end salon.


You are your best Advertisement. Wear your own nails "Pink & White" with only A-Coat and the protector Z-Coat. Always have a business card with you.

Have a beautiful picture of nails on your Business Cards; on your Brochures; on your Flyers, and on your Gift Certificates.

Do a Special on Full Sets. Full Sets: 2 for the price of One (Paying set goes first) Bring a friend and her nails are free. (Note: Then you have 2 people coming back for fill-ins.)

Also, NEVER discount a Fill-in. This is how you make your money.

Give away 20 Full Sets to different people around town, it is fantastic Advertisement. You will make back what the full set cost you 10 times over. Also, remember these ladies need to come back for Fill-ins.

People to give free full-sets to: Office Managers, who have a lot of women working for them. Waitresses at a local restaurant. Hotel Manager. Chamber of Commerce Manager. Jewelry Stores, sales women. Weight Clinic technicians. Health Spa receptionists.

This is to get you thinking. Make a list of 20 people and get them going.

For every 3 new clients that a client sends you they receive a free pedicure. (Or, any service you do, except for fill-ins)

Raise your prices according to how much money you need to make per hour. Don’t worry if you lose a few clients. 8 clients a day at $20.00 = $160.00, or 7 clients a day at $25.00 = $175.00, for less work. ($15 more a day and ONE hour less work.)

Promote Gift Certificates to every single client. They can purchase as gifts for Birthdays, Weddings, Christmas, etc. Even if you think "I got the money, now and I work for free later". This is not true, every gift certificate is a new client that will come back for more services.

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