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Tammy Taylor 12 Step System
Apply A Full Set of Sculptured Nails in Under 1 Hour

Steps: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12

Use the Tammy Taylor Deep Ceramic Dish and Custom Brushes, for the perfect consistency when making a nail. The Deep Ceramic Dish comes in two colors: Black or White. Custom Brushes are available in 3 sizes: Original, Large, and Small; and in 2 designs: Custom and Flat.

Step #8 continued ...

Stroke Center

Clean Cuticle Area

Pink Ball

Apply Pink Ball

Let Flow

Stroke Side

Stroke Side

Stroke Center

Squeeze C-Curve
Pinching the C-Curve

9. FILE in 5 Steps

Left Side

Right Side


Cuticle & Contour

Clients Angle

9. FILE in 5 Steps - Using our exclusive "Horseshoe Pattern," file the nails in 5 Steps, which gives you that perfect contour. Tammy has many different files to choose from. ("I like the T.T. 100 grit Purple Terminator and the T.T. 180 grit Zebra," says Tammy.)
# 1 Left Side
# 2 Right Side
# 3 Free-Edge
# 4 Cuticle Area & Contour
# 5 Clients Angle


10. BUFF with Oil - Apply the cuticle oil to nail (available in 8 different fragrances: Peach, Vanilla, Gardenia, Coconut, Opium, Poison, GiorgioTM, and Beautiful.) Next buff with the Clean Finish buffer to smooth nail and remove scratches. Shine with the Super Soft Shiner.


Apply Oil


11. Client Washes HANDS - Squirt a small amount of the Tammy Taylor fragrant shampoo (available in Peach, Mango, and Pineapple) on a manicuring brush and hand it to the client to wash their hands. A little squirt of Peach Scrub is also a nice touch. This is an excellent way to build retail sales.



Apply Polish Finished Nail


12. POLISH and Re-Book - Apply the A-Coat to keep nails Pink and White and Z-Coat for color polish. Note: Z-Coat over A-Coat will protect the A-Coat from getting sticky with sunscreens.



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