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"I do Good Nails but I want to do Beautiful Nails"



Dear Tammy,

I have been doing nails for 3 1/2 years and I have a full clientele. I know my nails are good but not beautiful. I love your products but I have never been to a class. I really want to do beautiful nails. What do you suggest?

Rita Sanders




Congratulations on wanting to improve the quality of your nails. Many nails techs think the opposite once they have reached a level where they are making enough money and have a full clientele. Many believe they don’t need to attend classes or workshops to continue their education. This attitude usually leads to a diminishing clientele and eventually quitting the business. I have put together step-by-step photos, along with my 12-Step System to get you started. I have several different classes and workshops available. I would recommend attending the 2-Day hands-on Advanced Class in Irvine, California. I personally teach this class and can tell you it is well worth the investment of an airline ticket. This class is for nail techs with over 2 years experience.

My big show of the year is in Las Vegas, which can also double as a great vacation. In addition, there are hands-on workshops going on every weekend, taught by my best Educators that I have personally trained. I also have my complete video library which has an instructional video for every type of nail service. I do all my own videos so you can have me with you 24 hours a day. Just put me in you VCR and wear me out. As you can see, when you ask for education on how to beautify nails, you have come to the right place!

Good Luck,
Tammy Taylor


For information on classes and dates, click on "Show Schedule" on my website, or call (800) 93-TAMMY or (800) 393-2222. Keep me posted and send me a photo of your beautiful nails.



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