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Make an extra $7,800.
00 this year.

Put all the money from your retail sales in a Piggy Bank or a savings account for one year. At $5.00 per client, times 30 clients a week, equals $150.00 a week, times 52 weeks, equals $7,800.00 a year. What a great Christmas you could have next year.

Our Christmas Display

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6. Glue gun - $10.00.



7. Christmas Decorations - From your house.



8. Empty Tammy Taylor bottles, $.50 cents to $1.50.



9. Tammy Taylor ribbon, 100 yards, $50.00 a roll.





1. Shelving - Purchase shelves at a home improvement store, and paint them to match your Salon. This will be your year-round display.


2. Flowers - Glass flower pots at Target; Poinsettias $5.00.


3. Wreaths - About $30.00 - $40.00 at a craft store.


4. Silk Flowers - Craft store $5.00.


5. Ribbon - Craft store $6.00 a roll.





10. Tammy Taylor Display Case, $200.00. Fully loaded Display Case, with polish, lipsticks, and lipliners, $514.00.


11. Become a Club Member to receive up to 40% off, every day.

Change display 4 times a year. Go to a craft store and get new little decorations every time you change your display. You only need to purchase these items one time, then use them every year
















Talk of the Town - December, 2000 




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