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Proper Preparation, Product Consistency
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Pterygium Stone

Proper Etching will help eliminate 75% of ALL lifting problems.
* Improper Etching:If the natural nail is not properly etched, the acrylic cannot adhere to the nail.  This causes 75% of all lifting.

The 100-grit Purple Terminator file is the best for etching.  Etch only the way the nail grows – from the cuticle to the free-edge, until there is no shine on the nail-plate.  Etching will create little "hills and valleys" in the natural fingernail, which the product will flow into.  

Since acrylic cannot stick to skin for more than a few hours, and to further ensure no lifting; use the Pterygium Stone to push back excess cuticle and pterygium skin that has grown onto the nail-plate.  (Any acrylic applied onto any part of the skin will un-stick within a few hours.)

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Use only a plastic (sanitize-able) manicure brush.

* Using a cosmetic brush to dust off the nail before priming can cause lifting. A cosmetic brush can spread germs as it cannot be properly disinfected. It is also too soft. After etching, there are white particles on the nail-plate. These particles are dead skin (cuticle) and dirty nail. (If they are not removed, they will sit in the valleys we have etched and the primer and product will not be able to flow properly, deterring adhesion; thus creating lifting.) A T.T. plastic manicure brush is perfect. Always brush off the particles going from cuticle to free-edge. (Brushing from free-edge to cuticle will push the particles under the cuticle, which also causes lifting.) Disinfect the T.T. plastic manicure brush after every client. Do not use wet. Keep extras available.

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* Not Priming Correctly causes lifting. Do NOT use a pre-prime on the natural nail after etching and/or before priming.  Most pre-primes contain some type of alcohol.  Any form of alcohol stops the primer from working properly with the acrylic.  If the Pterygium Stone is used wet, do not disinfect it in anything with alcohol in it.  Use the First Choice disinfectant concentrate, diluted, as instructed.  First Choice does not contain any alcohol.  If an alcohol-based disinfectant is used, just let the Pterygium Stone, files, cuticle pusher, and nippers dry before using.  The T.T. primer needs to be applied 2 times, sometimes even 3 times, before the acrylic is applied.  The first coat of T.T. primer will dry out the oils and kill the germs on the nails.  The 2nd coat of T.T. primer needs to be applied, one nail at a time, just before applying the acrylic.  The wet T.T. primer and wet T.T. acrylic blend together causing a chemical reaction, which pulls the product into the "hills and valleys" on the nail, which results in a superior bond.  If the 2nd coat of T.T. primer dries before applying T.T. acrylic, use a 3rd coat.  Warning: always use a primer holder.  Tammy Taylor primer is a methacrylic acid.  A 1/2oz. bottle will prime 1,000 nails.  Use sparingly.  Always wipe off brush on a T.T. towelette before placing back in bottle thereby eliminating contamination.  If T.T. primer is spilled, remove any clothing where T.T. primer spilled and wash the affected area with soap and water for 15 minutes.


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100% Lift-Free Nails Proper Preparation, Product Consistency and Application Will Make Nails Lift-Free Tammy Taylor Products Needed to Eliminate Lifting



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