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and Application Will Make Nails Lift-Free 

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Wet Consistency
* Applying the acrylic to the nail-plate too dry and patting, causes lifting. Using the Black Tammy Taylor Deep Ceramic Dappen Dish will create beautiful consistency and help eliminate contamination, as it is easy to see when the liquid is cloudy. The acrylic ball must be wet and look like a smooth pearl. When the ball is applied, it needs to be placed 1/32nd of an inch away from the cuticle, letting it flow about 3 seconds, then stroke away from the cuticle. Leave a little road, which is the space between the cuticle and product where you can feel the natural nail. Angle the T.T. brush like a pencil and stroke. The wet T.T. acrylic flows into the valleys easier and eliminates air bubbles. If the product is patted, it will dry too quickly, making a pie-crust edge. Also when patted, it pushes into the cuticle, leaving no space between the product and cuticle. If the acrylic product is too close to the cuticle, the nail will lift.

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Stroke Cuticle Ball
* If the product is too close to the cuticle and there is no road to place the file in, there will be lifting. Also, the customer will probably start picking at it. When the acrylic is too close to the cuticle, there is no way to seal the acrylic around the edge with the file. There must be a road. This space is about 1/32nd of an inch. The corner of the T.T. 180 grit Zebra file must be able to fit in this road to blend product flush with the natural nail. There should never be any bump where the acrylic starts and the natural nail ends. It should look like the acrylic is growing right out of the natural nail. If the client is a nail-biter or picker, make sure to sell them a "client Maintenance kit." Show them how to remove the polish with a T.T. Dip-off and T.T. Acetone base Polish remover, then filing the cuticle area with a T.T. 180 grit Zebra, apply T.T. Cuticle Oil, and buff with the T.T. Clean Finish Buffer. Wash hands and finish with A-Coat, followed by Z-Coat. If they wear color, polish with T.T. Nail Colour and Z-Coat. It is better for them to buff than to pick. Also, have client use T.T. Cuticle Oil daily, so they don’t pick at dry cuticles.

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Clean up Road
* Always clean out the little road with the tip of the T.T. brush before the acrylic dries. After the acrylic dries and if the acrylic product was too close, lifting will probably occur. If this happens, suggest a buff and polish in one week.  pg3-road2-16-05.jpg (33805 bytes)
File Road

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Free-edge, NO Longer than nailbed
* When the free-edge is longer than the nailbed. It can cause lifting. Depending on how active or careful the client is, will determine how long to make the nails. But remember, if the free-edge is longer than the nailbed it will have too much weight at the end, like a teeter-totter, this will pull the product up off the nailbed. Shorten the nails as much as they grow every fill-in to keep nails from getting too long.


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100% Lift-Free Nails Proper Preparation, Product Consistency and Application Will Make Nails Lift-Free Tammy Taylor Products Needed to Eliminate Lifting



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