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Talk of the Town, October, 2001

Tammy Taylor Products Needed to Eliminate Lifting

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T.T. A-Coat

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T.T. Z-Coat


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T.T. Perfume Scented Oil

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Nail Maintenance Kit

1- Mini Clean Finish Buffer
1- Mini Zebra
1- 1/4 oz. Perfume Scented Oil
1- 1/4 oz. A-Coat
or 1- 1/4 oz. Z-Coat



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T.T. Black Deep Ceramic Dappen Dish

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Plastic Manicure Brushes

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T.T. Pterygium Stone

T.T. Towelette's
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T.T. 180 grit Long-Lasting Zebra File

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T.T. Nail Primer
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T.T. 100 grit Purple Terminator File

T.T. First Choice Disinfectant
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Eliminate Fill-lines, Lifting & Shadows


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100% Lift-Free Nails Proper Preparation, Product Consistency and Application Will Make Nails Lift-Free Tammy Taylor Products Needed to Eliminate Lifting



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