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Apply A Full Set of Sculptured Nails in under 1 hour

1. SANITIZE - Tammy Taylor Sanitize is available in 5 fragrances: GiorgioTM, Peach, Coconut, Vanilla and Gardenia. Start every procedure by sanitizing your
hands first; then your clients. (All 10)

2. REMOVE POLISH - Tammy Taylor Acetone Polish Remover, with conditioners, is available in 4 fragrances: Peach, Coconut, Vanilla and Gardenia. Note: Non-Acetone Polish remover’s can leave acrylic nails yellow and gummy, and are very messy. (All 10)


3. ETCH - The T.T. 100 grit Purple Terminator is the best file for etching. Proper etching will eliminate 75% of lifting. (All 10)


(3)a. Etch only the way the nail grows, from the cuticle to free-edge, until there is no shine on the nailplate.


(3)b. To further insure no lifting, use the T.T. Pterygium Stone to push back excess cuticle and skin that has grown onto the nailplate. (All 10)



4. DUST - Remove the particles from the nail plate with a plastic manicure brush. It is necessary to brush from cuticle to free-edge, until the nail is clean. This also helps eliminate lifting. Note: A cosmetic brush can spread germs as it cannot be properly disinfected. (All 10)

5. PRIME - Apply the T.T. Primer to all 10 nails and let them dry. This will dry out the oils and kill the germs on the nails. A pre-prime is not necessary. (All 10)
Note: The primer is a methacrylic acid. A half ounce bottle can prime 1,000 nails. So a very small amount is all that is needed. Primer can cause irritation. Dab the primer brush on a towelette, before priming, to remove excess. After priming, wipe brush before placing brush back in bottle to eliminate contamination. WARNING: If primer is spilled, remove any clothing anywhere primer spilled and wash affected areas with soap and water for at least 15 minutes. (Always keep Primer in a Primer Holder)

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