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Tammy Taylor "Flat"
Custom Red Sable
"Kolinsky" Brushes

Tammy Taylor "Original"
Custom Red Sable "Kolinsky" Brushes

wpe2.gif (74407 bytes)Tammy created the original oval custom brush, with the flattened ferrule 14 years ago. (She had already customized the brushes she was using in the Salon, 20 years ago, by removing the paint from the wooden handle to keep the brush handle from sticking to her hands.) This brush is widely used by almost every nail company in the nail industry today. wpe20.gif (73036 bytes)
Now, Tammy has created a new line of custom brushes that will help you do more beautiful Pink and White acrylic nails. This brush enables you to make a smoother cuticle area and more even "happy faces" consistently every time. The special design is patent pending because it is so unique. The ferrule is flat and the red sable hairs are flat, but the curve of the hairs along with the balance of the brush make it one of the easiest brushes you will ever use.  Tammy Taylor "Flat" Custom Red Sable "Kolinsky" Brushes




Tammy Taylor Competitive Edge Nail Forms. Tammy Taylor Nails introduced the first and only competition nail form. The Competitive Edge nail form is double thick and does not crease, for the perfect C-Curve every time, even if you forget to pinch. Their new shape makes for an easy perfect fit and does not wobble after applied to finger. This nail form produces stronger nails with an automatic C-Curve, to provide strength, even if you make the acrylic thin. Perforated for easy separation at the base, for thumbs, wide fingers and knuckles. Available in original, square and oval to fit every client.

The Competitive Edge Nail Form comes in 150 and 300 count rolls.


Tammy Taylor
"Competitive Edge"
Nail Forms

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Tammy Taylor Original Custom Nail Forms. Tammy developed this form for speed and ease. Guaranteed to be the easiest form you have ever used. Before Tammy even offered these to manicurists, she had her shipping department, who did not do nails, test this form to see if they could put it on in 20 seconds. These forms are a cross between paper and foil. Each form has a built-in grid system for precise nail length. We offer our Original Nail Forms in original, oval and square to fit practically every nail size and shape. #1 seller since 1987.

Our Original Custom Nail Forms come in 250 and 500 count rolls.

Tammy Taylor
Custom Nail Forms

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T.T. Videos
"Full Set" and "Product Consistency"
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"Faster Nails with Product Consistency" video:

Tammy believes the Secret to doing beautiful fast nails every time, is the ball. When you can pick up a little ball every time you want a little ball, a big ball every time you want a big ball, a medium ball, a wet ball, etc… You will be on your way to the best and fastest nails you have ever done. Tammy goes step-by-step with you on how to do perfect balls every time.

"Full Set of Pink and White Sculptured Nails" video:

This Famous 12 Step procedure will take the mystery out of full sets. It will not only show you how to do a beautiful set, but a fast and easy full set, with forms in under an hour.

 Talk of the Town  -  November, 2001

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