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Tammy’s Secrets for Beautiful Pink & White Backfills

 When doing Pink & White Backfills, you need to change your whole way of thinking. You are no longer filing down the entire free-edge and adding a new White free-edge. You need to keep all of the free-edge and only add more White in the Happy-Face area, then lightly stroke it out to cover the free-edge.

The Pink that has grown out onto the free-edge is the cause of shadows, not the White. Every time you do a Pink & White Backfill, you need to drill out all of the Pink, almost all the way down to the natural nail. This will not cause heat on the nail if you drill out only the Pink that has grown out onto the free-edge. Never drill on the nail-bed, that would be the only time you would feel heat from the drill. If you accidentally over-drill and the free-edge breaks off, just glue it back on with my Tip & Repair Glue. This is the only glue I have ever used that could glue back on the free-edge and it never breaks in that spot again. I even tell my clients to bring in their free-edge if they break a nail so I can glue it back on and then do my Pink & White Backfill. The reason I do this is so the White free-edges always match. Sometimes if you add a new White free-edge to a set of Pink & Whites that have been on for awhile, you can tell which nail is the new one.

If you have been drilling down all the free-edge and adding new White to the whole free-edge, you could have shadows when doing it in the new way I am showing you. The reason why is the Pink is still under the White from previous Backfills because it was not completely filed out before adding White over it. The problem is when doing it the old way, you must make your White thick to cover the old Pink to not have the shadows. By doing it the new way, your free-edge is going to be very thin and you will only be adding about half as much White to the free-edge. But like I was saying, this could lead to shadows until all the old Pinks have grown out. Some of you are already grinding out all the Pink, but you are also grinding out all the White. You will not have a transition period between the old way and the new way. You will just automatically cut 15 minutes off your time because you will only be drilling out the Happy-Face and lightly beveling off the surface, so it is clean when the new White is added.

For those of you who have been drilling down all the White and adding all new White creating a thick free-edge by covering up the Pink, you might be better off to just clip off the free-edge, adding a new free-edge, and then start doing your Backfills the new way. Or you may want to do all new full sets for the price of a fill as a special. You will cut 15 to 30 minutes off your Backfills. So what little extra time you might take to make the transition will more than pay for itself with the first Backfill.

Good luck,

Tammy Taylor

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