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Preparation for the...
Tammy Taylor
Pink & White Backfill

When doing Pink & White Fill-ins, remember,

less is better. Don't try to overwork yourself. A good drill and the proper drill bit will make it a lot easier.

1. Sanitize- with Peach, Coconut, Vanilla, Gardenia or Giorgio Spray Sanitize.


2. Remove - A-Coat with T.T. Acetone Polish Remover or have client purchase her own Dip-Off Polish remover Jar and Tammy Taylor Acetone Polish Remover.

pwbk107.jpg (19345 bytes) 

pwbk253.jpg (21974 bytes) 
pwbk108-adjust.jpg (32401 bytes) 
3a. File smooth at cuticle
pwbk110.jpg (22468 bytes) 
3b. Nip if needed
3. File - using a 100 grit Purple Terminator. File product smooth at cuticle area. Note: Nip if there is any loose acrylic and prepare any cracks or breaks.
pwbk113.jpg (23238 bytes)
3c. Prime fill line
pwbk116.jpg (25182 bytes)
3d. File fill line
pwbk119.jpg (23156 bytes)
4a. Etch
pwbk121.jpg (21728 bytes)
4b. Pterygium Stone
Note: If there are fill lines, apply primer to melt the acrylic then use the T.T. Aluminum Oxide file to smooth.4a. Etch - natural nail with a T.T. 100 grit Purple
Terminator file, then use the T.T. Pterygium Stone.
4b. Pterygium Stone - can be used wet from First Choice, wet-sanitizer jar.
pwbk123.jpg (23160 bytes) 
5. Dust
pwbk125.jpg (19749 bytes) 
6. Prime
5. Dust - with a Plastic Manicure Brush.6. Prime - the natural nail and let dry.

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