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Using the drill and which bit for the Pink & White Backfill

Note:The T.T. Pencil shape drill bit comes in Carbide for Sculptured acrylic nails or Diamond for Tips with acrylic overlay.

7. Drill - out Happy-Face where the Pink grew out. Use your T.T. Pencil shape drill bit to get a nice Happy-Face valley. Drill out all of the Pink that has grown out onto the free-edge. Drill almost all the way to the natural nail. The Pink causes shadows on the free-edge, not the White.

pwbk128.jpg (21686 bytes) 
7a. Drill from side
pwbk130.jpg (25081 bytes) 
7b. Work Across
pwbk133.jpg (24828 bytes) 
7c. To other side
* Drill out all of the Pink to Eliminate Shadows.
pwbk136-lite.jpg (17176 bytes) 
7d. Valley before blending
pwbk140.jpg (24852 bytes) 
7e. Blend out
pwbk142_lite.jpg (17600 bytes) 
7f. After Blending
pwbk143.jpg (22632 bytes) 
8. Dust
pwbk146.jpg (18957 bytes) 
9. Re-Prime
Note: This will not cause yellowing of the acrylic.
8. Dust - using a Plastic manicure Brush. 9. Prime - Re-Prime natural nail at cuticle area and Happy-Face. Primer needs to be wet when product is applied.


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