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Application of the Product...

10. Apply product - ONE ball of White on the free-edge. ONE ball of Pink on the base.

Note: Tammy is using her "Flat Custom Large" brush.
pwbk158.jpg (8214 bytes) 
10. Make a White ball
pwbk168.jpg (11133 bytes) 
10-1a. Apply White ball
pwbk169.jpg (11995 bytes) 
10-1b. Pat
pwbk174.jpg (10915 bytes) 
10-1c. Stroking White Ball, thinning Tip
pwbk186.jpg (12667 bytes) 
10-1d. Happy-Face
10. The White ball is a very wet, small to medium ball.10-1a. Apply the White ball to the free-edge.10-1b. Pat product across, side to side.10-1c. Stroke the tip to thin.10-1d. Turn the brush around and make the Happy-Face.
pwbk157.jpg (8458 bytes) 
10-2a. Make a Pink Ball
pwbk189.jpg (12671 bytes) 
10-2b. Apply Pink Ball
pwbk196.jpg (13221 bytes) 
10-2c. Stroke
pwbk205.jpg (12945 bytes) 
10-2d. Stroke
whole Nail
pwbk200.jpg (13468 bytes) 
10-2e. Clean up Cuticle
10-2a. Make a wet medium size Pink ball.10-2b. Apply Pink ball to
cuticle area.
10-2c. Stroke away from the cuticle, holding the brush angled like a
10-2d. Stroke the product towards the free-edge,
covering the whole nail-bed.
10-2e. Clean up Cuticle area.

11. Shorten and thin nail with drill first, before filing in 5 Steps.

pwbk214.jpg (18768 bytes) 
11-a. Drill Across
pwbk219.jpg (25871 bytes) 
11-b. Drill Underside
pwbk218.jpg (24710 bytes) 
11-c. Drill at Angle
11-a. Hold drill straight up and down and work yourself across the tip.11-b. Clean out underside of nail.11-c. Hold drill at an angle to bevel the tip thin.

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