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Filing & Buffing the acrylic nails AFTER a Pink & White Backfill

11. File - using the 5-Step System. Use your T.T. 100 grit file and 180 grit T.T. Zebra file.

pwbk224.jpg (26288 bytes) 
11-2. File LEFT
pwbk224-r.jpg (26326 bytes) 
11-3. File RIGHT
pwbk225.jpg (24754 bytes) 
11-3. File Free-edge
11-1. File left side straight out from the nail groove. 11-2. File right side straight out from the nail groove. 11-3. File Free-edge tip with a 100 grit Tammy Taylor file.
pwbk232.jpg (32147 bytes) 
11-4. File Cuticle and Contour area
11-4. File the cuticle and contour area. Bevel up one side of the nail, across the top and bevel down the other side, using a "Horseshoe Pattern". Continue the same motion all the way to the free-edge. File around cuticle area making sure there is a little road
between the acrylic and the cuticle.
pwbk236.jpg (28729 bytes) 
11-5. Client's Angle
11-5. Client’s Angle (Zebra file)

Using the Zebra file, file the client’s angle. Turn the clients hand around, pointing client’s fingertips towards them. Downward bevel, towards the tip.

The client will be looking at this angle for the next two weeks, it must look good to them!


pwbk241.jpg (21649 bytes) 
12-a. T.T. Perfume
Scented Oil
pwbk245.jpg (27509 bytes) 
12-b. Buff with T.T. Clean Finish Buffer
pwbk247.jpg (23529 bytes) 
12-c. Shine the nail with the T.T. Super Soft Shiner

12. Buff -using the T.T. Perfume Scented Cuticle Oil and the T.T. Clean Finish Buffer file. To shine the nail, use the Tammy Taylor Super Soft Shiner.

13. Wash hands - Squirt a small amount of the T.T. fragrant shampoo (available in Peach, Mango, Pineapple and Signature fragrances) on a manicure brush and hand it to the client to clean their hands and nails.

Also, a nice touch and a great way to improve retail sales, is to squirt T.T. Peach Exfoliating Scrub in their hands and have them scrub them together, then rinse. This leaves their hands soft and smooth.

14. Polish - using A-Coat then Z-Coat. Make sure the client knows how to take care of her Pink & White Acrylic nails using the T.T. Maintenance kit.

Note: Use the A-Coat to protect the acrylic from yellowing, then put on Z-Coat to protect the A-Coat from getting sticky in the sun.

pwbk248.jpg (21921 bytes) 
14. Apply A-Coat, then Z-Coat


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