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Most Common Problems with Pink & White Backfills

1. The White free-edges have gray shadow lines.
2. The nails get too thick.
3. The Pink has fill-lines.

The Solution:

1. To eliminate gray shadow lines, the Pink out-growth on the free-edge has to be drilled out almost all the way to the natural nail. Any Pink on the free-edge will show through eventually as a shadow line.

pwbk130.jpg (25081 bytes) pwbk136-lite.jpg (17176 bytes)

2. To make the nails thinner, only use one ball of White and one ball of Pink. The White ball needs to be a very wet, small to medium ball. When the White ball is too dry, it makes it very difficult for the White ball to flow into the Happy-Face valley. Usually this means extra White ball's which causes free-edge to get too thick. The Pink needs to be a wet medium ball.

pwbk158.jpg (8214 bytes)pwbk157.jpg (8458 bytes)pwbk186.jpg (12667 bytes)

3. The fill-lines in the Pink are caused by lifting around the cuticle area. When the acrylic nail lifts, it must be nipped off. Whenever the nail is nipped a fill-line will appear. About 70% of the fill-line can be erased by adding a dab of primer to that area to soften the acrylic and then smooth with a 180 grit Aluminum Oxide file. Of course the best prevention is to eliminate lifting. Make sure to always use a 100 grit Purple Terminator to Etch, followed by the Pterygium Stone, and 2-coats of primer allowing the first coat to dry and the second coat remains wet when the acrylic is applied.

pwbk110.jpg (22468 bytes)pwbk113.jpg (23238 bytes)pwbk116.jpg (25182 bytes)pwbk119.jpg (23156 bytes)pwbk121.jpg (21728 bytes)



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