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Dear Tammy,
I have a problem with my smile lines.  They aren’t the same on each nail and they aren’t real clean.

Learn how to create a perfect Smile line when doing a Backfill.
Once perfected, you will no longer need a guide line.  It will be instinct.
You will need a Drill Bit that gets into the corners.  I suggest using the T.T. Carbide Pointed Pencil, available in Long or Short, Coarse or Medium.

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1. A nail in need of a Backfill.

2. Stick on the inside circle of a nail form, and trace a line with a pencil.

3. This is your guide.

4. Start at corner with the point and work across.

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5. Drill off the line.6. Drill all the way to the other side. Use the point to finish the corner.7. Drill a valley all the way through the pink.
8. Bevel the white.

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9. Ready to apply Pink & White acrylic.10. Add white acrylic in valley, lightly coating free-edge.11. Add pink acrylic to nail bed.12. Finish by filing, buffing with oil, and then apply A-Coat followed by Z-Coat.

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