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Add Conditioning Cuticle Oil to Your Daily Self-Care Routine

Add Conditioning Cuticle Oil to Your Daily Self-Care Routine

Applying Conditioning Cuticle Oil daily is the most important part of your nail routine. It is the easiest and fastest solution to keep your cuticles hydrated & healthy and promotes natural nail growth & strength. 

What does Conditioning Cuticle Oil do?

The nail grows from the matrix at the nail bed base, which is protected by the cuticle; the overlapping skin around the nail. Cuticle oils are formulated with emollients that act as a barrier to lock in moisture around the cuticle area. Massaging the oil into the cuticle, nail, and surrounding skin stimulates blood flow, promoting healthy nail growth.  

Why Should I Use It?

My Conditioning Cuticle Oil moisturizes, nourishes, protects, and revitalizes natural nails even when wearing nail enhancements, acrylic, or gel. Cuticle Oil helps prevent dead skin from growing onto the natural nail, hangnails, nail-biting, cuticle picking, dry skin irritation, and cracking. Cuticle oil also helps prevent brittle, peeling nails. 

How Do I Incorporate Conditioning Cuticle Oil to My Daily Routine?

Applying Conditioning Cuticle Oil is like getting a mini manicure 2-5 times a day. Always apply cuticle oil when you have time to let it soak in. Washing or sanitizing your hands after application will remove the oil and diminish the benefits. I suggest applying cuticle oil while sitting at your desk, before bedtime, or when you are relaxing! Keep 2-3 bottles of cuticle oil in a convenient spot, and reapply immediately after sanitizing or washing your hands.


How Do I Use Conditioning Cuticle Oil?

Apply cuticle oil to all ten nails and massage until it absorbs into the cuticle area. Forgetting to massage the oil into the skin can leave an oily residue, and the nails will not reap all the health benefits. Conditioning Cuticle Oil should be applied when there is ample time for it to absorb into the skin.

Any Common Mistakes to Avoid?

The biggest mistake people make with cuticle oil is applying and washing their hands right away. This will wash off the cuticle oil and prevent the benefits of protection and absorption.


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