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I Tried SCULPT, and You Should Too


I remember going to the salon as a kid and picking out the perfect nail polish and floral design for my pedicure while adults had their acrylic nails filled. There was just nail polish and acrylic powder. Since then, the nail industry has drastically changed, and visits to the salon aren’t as simple anymore. It feels like everyone has their nails done and going in for a fill is just a regular part of your schedule. However, it’s not just about choosing the right color anymore. The nail department has left it up to us to choose every aspect of our nails. You can decide which shape you want and how your nails are applied. Will you use nail polish, acrylic powder, tips, dip, nail extensions, soak-off gel, or hard gel? I struggled with choosing the right nails for myself until Tammy Taylor’s SCULPT made its appearance.


SCULPT by Tammy Taylor Nails is an odorless, durable, and lift-free acrylic-gel hybrid. Basically, SCULPT cures like gel and hardens like acrylic. You can apply SCULPT over the natural nail or use it with a nail form if the client is looking for extensions. When I tried SCULPT, I was a teacher setting up my classroom before the new school year and knew I needed something durable. (If you are a teacher, then you understand my concern.) I always ruined my nails, tearing through boxes and hanging things on the wall, so I decided to try it. I went to my cousin’s nail tech, who learned to use SCULPT by watching Tammy’s YouTube channel. She prepped my nails and squeezed a bead of SCULPT onto the end of her SCULPT brush. SCULPT was applied to my natural nail, and I was immediately impressed at how it flowed along with my nail's shape while adding a slight extension to my tips.


I left the salon with smooth, strong nails, and I did not crack one nail while setting up my classroom. I went back for a fill every three weeks.



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Who Is SCULPT For?

SCULPT’s odorless formula was curated to meet the needs of sensitive skin and cuticles, making it ideal for all clients. Since it’s hard like acrylic, SCULPT also works well for clients trying to grow damaged and weakened nails. SCULPT can be used with your favorite nail products and procedures like pedicures, Pink & Whites, Gel Art Paint,  and more!



Here Are Some Tips by Tammy Taylor When Applying SCULPT 

If you want to learn how to use SCULPT, watch Tammy’s YouTube video to learn how to use this easy-to-apply product. Here are some tips to consider when applying SCULPT. 

  • Fully cure the nail before adding additional beads of SCULPT
  • If the SCULPT is too thin, fully cure the nail before adding a second bead 
  • If the SCULPT bead is too small and the nail is too short, cure the bead, add another bead to lengthen, cure a second time, remove the nail form, and cure once more
  • SCULPT files quickly, so over filing can cause breakage
  • SCULPT’s application has the same thickness as acrylic, so cracking may occur if it is too thin
  • Make sure to have an arch and stress area similar to acrylic to eliminate cracking

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