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REMINDER: Schedule your Nail Appointment every 2 weeks!

REMINDER: Schedule your Nail Appointment every 2 weeks!

Tammy Taylor's Top 3 Reasons why you should have your nail appointment scheduled every 2 weeks: 

MAINTENANCE & FILL-INS: Maintenance and fill-ins every 2 weeks ensure that your nails will receive the proper care. When you go longer than 2 weeks without getting a fill-in, that's when you start picking at your nails, which causes extreme damage to the natural nail, lifting, breaking, and cracking. This also makes for a longer, more expensive nail service

NO STRESS FOR YOU OR YOUR NAIL TECHNICIAN: Having an appointment pre-booked helps you and your nail technician stay organized and plan ahead. By knowing when your next appointment is, you can manage your time effectively and avoid last-minute scrambling. It eliminates the stress of finding an available slot and ensures you receive the attention and care you need at the desired intervals. When the appointment is booked, it’s important to mention what services are requested, especially if you want to do nail art. This way, your nail tech can block off the perfect amount of time to complete the nail service.

IMPROVED NAIL HEALTH: Regular nail appointments enable your nail technician to pay close attention to your natural nail health. They can spot early signs of common issues like greenies, ingrown nails, etc. By having a nail professional identify these issues, they can recommend proper treatment and products that can help (Thymolize, Fresh Nail, etc.).


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