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At Home Waterless Pedicure Kit
At Home Waterless Pedicure Kit

At Home Waterless Pedicure Kit


This kit includes:

  • 8oz Peach Sanitize.
  • Disposable Table Towels (50ct).
  • Towelettes (100ct).
  • 8oz Peach Polish Remover.
  • Peel 'N Stick Clean Finish Buffing File (10ct).
  • Peel 'N Stick 180 Long Lasting Zebra File (10ct).
  • Pterygium Stone.
  • Mighty Mini Deluxe.
  • Nail Plump.
  • 3oz Clean-It.
  • Creamy Cuticle Remover.
  • Love My Pedi Spray Callus Away.
  • Love My Pedi All-In-One Foot Cream.
  • Large Terminator Foot File.
  • Manicure Brush.
  • Color Grip Base Coat.
  • Cashmere Beige Nail Lacquer.
  • French Vanilla Nail Lacquer.
  • Super Dry Top Coat.
  • Quick Dry & Cuticle Conditioner.



An absolute favorite amongst clients and nail techs. Sanitize is an aromatic powerful skin sanitizer that is non-drying. Available in Peach, Gardenia, & Pineapple fragrances. You can use it to clean bottles, containers, your manicure tabletop and other surfaces. It kills germs and is environmentally safe. Available 8oz.

Disposable Table Towels

Large, disposable lint free towels are just what every salon needs. No need to do laundry everyday. Sanitary for each client, and they are super absorbent. Can be used during manicure and pedicure services. for drying hands and feet, or used to cover the tabletop during services. Available in 50 pack.


  • Remove Tacky Surface on Nail Gels
  • Cut Down on Waste (use Towelette’s instead of large paper towels)
  • Help Eliminate Contamination (use clean Towelette’s during nail application)
  • Towelette’s  Keep your Sculpting Brush Clean which Extends the Life of Your Brush
  • Decrease Nail Station "fumes" (instead of using your trash can to dispose of  used Towelette’s while doing nails use a small pop-top Tupperware type container) 
  • Available in 100ct.

Polish Remover:

Fastest Polish Remover you'll ever use! Available 3 scents in 8oz & 16oz.


  • Works as fast as acetone while conditioning cuticles and skin
  • Contains conditioners
  • Non-drying

Peel 'N Stick 180 Long Lasting Zebra Files:

The disposable 180 grit strip is a specially coated coarse zinc oxide abrasive. Easiest for shaping & filing rough, bumpy nails to a smooth finish. Use on acrylic or any other artificial nails. Files like a dream. Available in a 10 pack.

Peel 'N Stick Clean Finish Buffing File:

The best disposable buffer you’ll ever use! Washable buffer made out of the highest quality cloth material-not paper! Leaves nails perfectly smooth. Last 5x 10 times longer than other sanding buffers. Will not leave any grit or filing particles in or on the nail surface while buffing. Available in a 10 pack.

Pterygium Stone

Eliminates 100% of lifting caused by excessive cuticle on nail-plate. This stone removes cuticles even in hard to get corners of the cuticle grove. No more deformities of the natural fingernail caused by sharp-edged cuticle pushers.

Mighty Mini Deluxe

If you liked the Mighty Mini, you are going to LOVE the Mighty Mini Deluxe! The innovative design can fit 5 fingers, removable magnetic plate and strategically placed LED/UV bulbs. With over 50,000 hours of potential use, there is no need for replacement bulbs or batteries! Super lightweight and easy to store in workstation and for traveling. Acetone resistant lacquer finish so you can easily clean.

Nail Plump

Grow Long, Natural Nails in a month! This Base Gel works amazing- no matter how thin, weak, ridged or damaged your nails are. 


-Grow long, natural nails without breaking and splitting

-Strengthen and harden weak, thin or damaged nails

-Use with Nail Tips to extend

-Use alone or as a Base for Gel Polish or Nail Lacquer


A unique chemical composition that acts fast to break down the tacky layer in all types of Gel applications, to create the ultimate shine. Available in 3oz.

Uses for Clean-It:

  • For cleaning natural nails, gel surfaces and gel brushes.
  • Use on any gel to remove the tacky layer prior to filling
  • Use to clean any type of surface before applying a gel product
  • Use to wipe gel off skin before curing
  • Keeps gel brush clean for a smoother application
  • Use to clean any nail surface after filing and before applying a gel product

Peach Creamy Cuticle Remover

Cuticle maintenance and health in a snap with fresh scented Peach Cuticle Remover that is quick and easy to use. This thick and creamy formula will dissolve dead skin and cuticles as fast as 30 seconds. No need to use clippers that make the cuticles grow back hard and are painful to remove. Just massage on and then soak! Available in 4oz. 

Love My Pedi Spray Callus Away

Introducing the Fastest Pedi Ever! SPRAY CALLUS AWAY! One Minute Pedi In a Bottle! Instantly Softens Dry Rough Callus, Sheet Test Approved, Soft Silky Feet, & Immediate Results!


  • Spray generously onto dry rough callus, let soak in 1 to 3 minutes.
  • File off softened callus with Purple Terminator Washable Foot File.

For Extra Love: Apply Love My Pedi All-In-One Foot Cream to protect & moisturize dry cracked feet and remove dead skin around cuticle.

Love My Pedi All-In-One Foot Cream

Love My Pedi is an all-in-one foot cream that softens and smooths callus while moisturizing and protecting dry cracked feet. Love My Pedi removes dead skin around the cuticle and is best applied before bedtime to wake up with soft silky feet. Available in 8oz.

Large Terminator Foot File

Use Dry before soaking feet for pedicure. By using the Foot File on Dry Calluses you will be able to file down the thickest, hardest callus in seconds. Then soak feet and file wet to smooth. Never gets dull. Washable & disinfectable.

Manicure Brush

Professional plastic manicure brush excellent for use on natural and acrylic nails. The durable plastic bristles are designed for daily use with Soft Suds under the free edge to promote clean healthy nails.

Color Grip Base Coat

Color Grip Base Coat grips the nail lacquer to the nail surface while protecting the nail at the same time. Color Grip was specifically designed for adhesion; and is the ideal foundation to extend the life of your manicure. 5 Free Formula.

Nail Lacquer

Day Dreaming is a creamy lavender.

All I Want Is Diamonds is a white holographic.


  • Highly pigmented
  • Full coverage
  • Smooth application
  • Long lasting
  • Stays shiny

Five-Free Formula

Free of: formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, formaldehyde resin and camphor

Super Dry Top Coat

Best. Top Coat. EVER. This was 100% made for the girl on the go. Incredible formula keeps polish fresh and shiny, and can be used with any nail lacquer (or even acrylic)! Great for pedicures.

Peach Quick Dry & Cuticle Conditioner

For the girl on the go! Conditions cuticles and makes them healthy. Apply Quick Dry to help polish dry faster. Also helps takes out small scratches from acrylic caused by files. Available in 4oz.