Mini File Kit


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This kit includes:

  • 10pk Mini Clean Finish Buffing File.
  • 10pk Mini Natural Nail Shaper.
  • 10pk Mini Long Lasting 180 Zebra File.
  • 10 Small Organza Bags.


Mini Clean Finish Buffing File:

The best MINI buffer you’ll ever use! There is no better washable Buffer anywhere to Buff the Ridges out of toenails. Made out of the highest quality cloth material-not paper! Leaves nails perfectly smooth. Last 5x 10 times longer than other sanding buffers. Will not leave any grit or filing particles in or on the nail surface while buffing. Available in single & 50 pack.

Mini Natural Nail Shaper File:

MINI special smooth filing surface, that is strong enough to shorten and fine enough to gently file natural fingernails, without ripping or tearing, to help eliminate cracking, breaking, peeling and splitting; thus promoting healthy fingernail growth. Smooth filing surface Strong enough to shorten natural fingernails Fine enough to gently file natural fingernails No ripping or tearing Helps eliminate cracking, breaking, peeling and splitting promotes healthy natural fingernail growth. Available in 50 pack.

Mini Long Lasting 180 Zebra File:

The MINI 180 grit strip is a specially coated coarse zinc oxide abrasive. Easiest for shaping & filing rough, bumpy nails to a smooth finish. Use on acrylic or any other artificial nails. Files like a dream. Available in 50 pack.

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