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Nail Tip Kit
Nail Tip Kit

Nail Tip Kit


This kit includes:

  • Crystal Clear Almond Stiletto Well-less Nail Tips(200ct).
  • Brush On Nail Glue.
  • Clean Finish Buffing File Soft Center


Crystal Clear Almond Stiletto Well-less Nail Tips:

This pro pack is available in 20ct. & 200ct. assorted nail tips in sizes #0-#9.

Crystal Clear Almond Stiletto Well-Less Nail Tips bond instantly with no tip lines. They are heat tempered for superior strength and don't split or shrink. These tips cut your filing time in half.

Brush On Nail Glue:

Brush On Glue is water resistant and has a long lasting bond. Available in 0.5oz. Two ways to apply:

1.Easy Nail Tip Application: brush glue onto well of tip and apply to natural nail.

2.Repair broken nails: brush glue onto crack or breaks for an easy quick fix.

Clean Finish Buffing File:

The best buffer you’ll ever use! Washable buffer made out of the highest quality cloth material-not paper! Leaves nails perfectly smooth. Last 5x 10 times longer than other sanding buffers. Will not leave any grit or filing particles in or on the nail surface while buffing.