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Peel 'N Stick Cutie File
Peel 'N Stick Cutie File

Peel 'N Stick Cutie File

  • 320 Grit- 50 Pack
  • 180 Grit- 20 Pack
  • Disposable 3-in-1 File: Cuticle Pusher- Shaper- Smoother.
  • Can be used to prep the nail for any Gel Polish application.
  • It’s strong but soft enough to gently smooth natural fingernails.
  •  Easy to hold and to use.
  •  Eliminates shredding of the natural fingernail.
  •  Helps eliminates cracking, breaking, peeling and splitting of the natural fingernail.
  •  Cutie Files available in:
    • 320 grit-smooth for shaping natural nails
    • 180 grit- zebra medium for nail prep and toenails
  •  Available in 50 pack.