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Shape It 180 Gel File
Shape It 180 Gel File

Shape It 180 Gel File

  • 180 Grit Gel File
  • Features a thick cushion between the board & the abrasive
  • Cushion allows for better performance when filing gel enhancements
  • Cushion molds around the gel enhancements, smoothing & shaping without over filing
  • Promotes gentle filing around the cuticle area (proximal nail fold)
  • Gel is softer than acrylic to file, & a regular file with a hard board can easily over-file gel enhancements
  • Over filing can cause peeling and chipping around the edges of the gel enhancements
  •  Designed for optimal performance, especially on gel enhancements
  •  Features a Zinc Oxide coating that acts like a powder coating, making filing fast & easy without any tug
  •  Available in two styles: Disposable Peel 'n' Stick and Washable/Disinfectable