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Become a Nail Instructor!

Become a Nail Instructor!

Hi Everyone!

I have great news! 

Recently, I spoke with Kristy Underwood, Executive Officer of the California Board of barbering and cosmetology. She mentioned she’s seen an increase in nail programs in the California Beauty Schools. I have also seen this all over the country.

 So, if you have ever dreamed of sharing your years of experience and expertise with the next generation of nail techs this would be a great time to become a nail instructor.

In California, a licensed nail technician can teach the nail program in cosmetology schools, but every state has different requirements.

So, just check with your state to see what is required to become a nail instructor. Then, stop by your local nail schools and see if they are hiring nail instructors.

If they aren’t or if they don’t have a nail program, leave your information, and let them know you would like to start a nail program for them.

Wishing you all the greatest success!


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