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Taught by Tammy: Eliminate Ingrown Toenails


Eliminate Ingrown Toenails and Make an Extra $20 on every Pedicure!

Acrylic, Sculpt and Plump all make a Perfect Pedicure and eliminate ingrown toenails. Ingrown toenails need to be removed by a very painful and mutilating surgical procedure. Many times, when this surgical procedure is performed, they will remove half or even all of the nail and it never grows back.

  I have been doing nail enhancement overlays on big toes since I first started to make my pedicures look more beautiful.When the big toes look perfect the whole pedicure looks perfect.But then I realized the toenails not only looked beautiful, but the nail enhancement cured ingrown toenails!

 WOW! No painful surgery needed! What a great advertisement to build your business! No More Ingrown Toenails! Painless procedure and your toenails look beautiful!

 I also suffered from ingrown toenails, so I started doing acrylic toenails on myself and it cured my ingrown toenails, I never had to have a surgical procedure. This is why- The natural toenail is thinner, has sharp edges and grows with a curve, so the natural nail can easily grow into the skin and create a painful ingrown toenail.

When a nail enhancement overlay is applied, the toenail is now thicker and smoother, so it grows over the skin, not into the skin, eliminating ingrown toenails which eliminates painful surgical procedures! I know this seems too simple, but it works, and I have seen it work 1000’s of times over the last 40 years, 

And it worked on my ingrown toenails! Apply the nail enhancement overlay on the big toes and charge $10 per toenail. Or do all 10 and charge the same as a Full-Set or Fill-In on fingernails.

If the client has already had the ingrown toenail surgery and only has a small piece of the nail, you can still apply a nail enhancement. I suggest using my Sculpt acrylic gel hybrid for this procedure. Just build a nail by going over the skin and attaching the enhancement to the natural nail.

Make sure to always do all nail enhancements before soaking in the pedicure tub. Soaking before applying nail enhancements will cause the enhancement to peel and lift almost immediately.

Not only will your clients be excited to have pain free beautiful toenails again. But you can easily make an extra $20 a pedicure!

Wishing you and your business all the greatest success!


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