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How your clients using Conditioning Cuticle Oil can make you more money!

How your clients using Conditioning Cuticle Oil can make you more money!
Hi Nail Technicians!
There is something so simple that can make your services easier, less frustrating and keep you and your clients happier as they start coming back with better nails.
In fact, my experience over the years has been when clients neglect this simple daily maintenance, there's around a 50% higher chance that they'll start picking and biting at their dry cuticles and nails. Ouch! And that's when the trouble begins.
When clients start picking and biting your beautiful work, they make their nails look shabby and this is your advertisement.
The magic is Conditioning Cuticle Oil. Trust me, it's a game-changer!
You and I both know just how crucial proper cuticle care is in our line of work. However, if our clients aren't using Conditioning Cuticle Oil on a daily basis, they're missing out on some serious nail love.

Picking and biting causes lifted nails and nail beds, aggravating cracks, and breakages. But here's the catch—your clients may not understand that these issues are usually a direct result of their own habits, not a reflection of your application skills or the quality of your products. It's essential that we bridge this knowledge gap and become their go-to source for proper nail and cuticle health education!

By educating our clients on the importance of nail and cuticle upkeep, we empower them to make informed decisions that benefit both their nails and our businesses. 
When they grasp the significance of daily Conditioning Cuticle Oil application they will understand that regular visits for fills every two weeks are essential to maintaining healthy, beautiful nails. It's like a little self-care routine they can't resist.

Now, here's the exciting part: by taking the time to educate your clients, you are setting yourselves up for more success. When your clients nails are strong, resilient, and absolutely gorgeous, for the whole time between maintenance appointments, they'll be so excited with the results they will give you more referrals, and book their fill-ins every two weeks, not just pick them all off and get a full set every 6 weeks.
This leads to increased loyalty, more frequent appointments, and a boost in revenue for your businesses! It's a win-win situation.

Think of yourself as a teacher guiding your clients on their nail journey towards their nail goals. When their nails no longer constantly crack, break and lift because of their picking habit, they'll religiously follow your nail care routine. They'll understand the value you provide as Nail Technicians, and they won't be able to resist coming back for more pampering.

So, let's make Conditioning Cuticle Oil our secret weapon for success. Let's spread the word and educate our clients on the importance of daily cuticle care. Together, we can create a community of happy, satisfied clients who appreciate the artistry and dedication we put into our craft. 
Your clients' beautiful, healthy nails are a testament to your expertise and care and they will be your best advertisement.
Wishing you endless success and beautiful nails,
Tammy Taylor


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