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NAIL TRUTHS: The Dangers of Machine Manicures AKA Russian Manicures

Did You Know Nail Technicians are not licensed to do Russian Manicures?

The Russian Manicure is the most dangerous nail service ever introduced to the industry; it causes permanent nail damage, nail diseases and nail allergies.

Machine Manicures aka Russian manicures are one of the most popular nail services you can get - and one of the most dangerous. The purpose of the Russian Manicures is "to make your nails look prettier" but the harsh reality is this service is cuts and drills on live skin which is not allowed with our nail license.



As a licensed nail technician, it's crucial to understand that your license does not allow you to cut, trim, nip, or drill live skin. This includes areas like calluses on the proximal or distal nail folds, eponychium, as well as the skin on the hands or feet. These areas are considered the "unsafe zone." Instead, only cuticles and hangnails may be cut, trimmed, or nipped, which are part of the "safe zone."

Now, you might be wondering, what exactly distinguishes the safe zone from the unsafe zone? The confusion between the cuticle, eponychium, and proximal nail fold has led to unsafe nail practices.

Let's clarify these zones. The cuticle is part of the safe zone, while the eponychium and proximal nail fold belong to the unsafe zone.




Here's where it gets important. Drilling on or under the proximal nail fold and eponychium can break the barrier seal, allowing access to potential infections, harmful chemicals, nail allergies, allergic reactions, and even permanent nail damage. This service has been reported to make your cuticles grow back faster, and thicker, then making you have to get them done again sooner. 

Your nails should never hurt or cause permanent damage. It's our responsibility as nail technicians to maintain the integrity of your nails, especially if we want to see you again as a repeat client.

Internationally-recognized scientist, Doug Schoon has even reported that when you use an e-file to smooth skin, it is considered microdermabrasion, which is restricted to those with esthetics or cosmetology license. Some states regulations specify that e-files can ONLY be used on the nails (safe zone)

Your nail health is our priority, and you should never experience pain or permanent damage during a manicure. Let's keep those nails healthy and beautiful! So just stay in the safe zone, be gentle and use rounded safety bits and you will keep the integrity of the nail and have lifelong clients.


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