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Nail Truths: Methelyne Chloride

Welcome to Nail Truths by Tammy Taylor


Would you ever use an industrial paint stripper to remove gel polish??

 Did you know dangerous products are being sold online with fraudulent ingredient labels?

 One of these dangerous products is being sold under multiple names, Magic Gel Polish Remover, bubble gel polish remover and burst gel polish remover and has become increasingly popular in the Nail community. (insert video of gel polish being bubbled off) 

Every product that "magically" bursts off gel polish in under 5 minutes is using methylene chloride which is an industrial paint stripper product.


This is an extremely harmful product to your health and can cause severe burns to your skin.

Banned by the FDA to be used in cosmetics. And in some states it is even banned as an industrial paint stripper. This product that claims to be organic and made up of plant-based ingredients. This is a lie. 

If you are pregnant or breast feeding the ingredients in this product have been found to be extremely dangerous. They can cross through the placenta and be excreted in breastmilk. 

I have not seen any reputable nail brands sell these types of products and there is no way ANY reputable nail brand would even sell a product so dangerous. There was a Case Study done on these products. The brands listed off their list of ingredients, but when they were tested in a lab, they proved, it was made up of illegal & harmful ingredients.

 This is scientific evidence I can't ignore, and you can't ignore. There are things we are allowing, and it is not ok. 

We need to wake up as professionals! We can stop this!

These are the scientific studies done by Doug Schoon, internationally recognized scientist, and President of Schoon Scientific. Doug has done extensive research exposing these companies, here are only a few, but there are many more that use the banned and dangerous ingredient methylene chloride. For official documents, please email


Nail Techs- it is your responsibility to do proper research on the products you use on your clients. Just because you don’t know, doesn’t release you from being liable. If anyone gets harmed by these products your business is at risk.

 Online stores like, SHEIN, Temu, AliExpress and even Amazon are not verifying these ingredients.

 There are hundreds of thousands of dangerous, fraudulent products getting shipped directly to you from outside the US, without ever being inspected, nor do they have a physical business in the USA.

Purchasing nail products from companies headquartered outside of the USA can be dangerous! You never know if these products are fraudulently mislabeled and dangerous.

How you can choose safe products:

-Are you buying from a reputable company in the USA?

- Do the bottles have a physical address in the USA?

 -Is there a physical person you can call if there are any questions, concerns, or an emergency?


Remember to ask questions and do your research!


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