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Taught By Tammy: Spring Cleaning

Taught By Tammy: Spring Cleaning

Now is the time to start your spring cleaning!


Clutter can zap our energy and get us in a bad mood. Which hurts our job!


When you come into work do you ever say to yourself “I really need to get this organized! I have too much stuff!”


You would be surprised how much this weighs on you!

You know that feeling after you clean your garage or closetand it feels like a thousand pounds has been lifted off your shoulders and you have more energy!


Decluttering will help you feel better and more energetic when you come to work which will help you make more money!



Rule of thumb: if you haven’t used it in the last 6 months get rid of it! 


Throw out the old and get ready for a busy Spring!


If you can’t do this because you think you need everything, get a friend to help you get rid of it.


And, to help you not feel bad, you can pay it forward by donating everything to your local beauty school. you probably remember when you were in school and how fun it was when you got new stuff! And while you are there see who is graduating and volunteer to be a mentor!



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