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NAIL TRUTHS: Organic Nail Servies

NAIL TRUTHS: Organic Nail Servies
Did you know that Dipping Powder is NOT Certified Organic or All-Natural?
I have seen a trend of salons claiming to offer organic nail services using nail dip systems, gel polish and nail lacquer.
This is false and deceptive advertising. 
Internationally-known scientist Doug Schoon states, "When you claim your product is 'organic', you are insinuating that it is 'certified organic'. If it is certified organic, you must state the name of the certifying body. If it is not certified organic, and you claim it to be organic, you are making a false and deceptive claim, and there are many places that have regulations against doing so."
This form of marketing is extremely deceptive. Not only does it confuse and blatantly lie to clients, 
but it turns our industry against each other. 
So, if you go to a salon that claims to be organic, don't be fooled. 
Ask questions and do your research!


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