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Keep It Personal– How to Build Relationships with Your Clients

Keep It Personal– How to Build Relationships with Your Clients

I have been a business owner for almost forty years, and the most important lesson I learned is relationships matter. You have a business because of your clientele. You can create an incredible line of products, have eye-drawing packaging, and a beautifully designed website, but your business will not flourish without clients. There are countless salons to choose from, but your personal touch and salon ambiance is what will keep clients coming back to you. 

Be Personable

Being personable and intentional with your clients is necessary for developing and sustaining a business. Think about when you went somewhere for a service, and the employees seemed disconnected from you. You will likely not return to a place that did not make you feel prioritized. Your clients seek out your professional services and will frequent an environment that welcomes them, is mindful, and feels more like an experience than just a business. I still remember every client I had, their hands, the shape of their nails, the colors they liked, and their life story. I made it my purpose to develop premium nail products and develop relationships, so clients will want to spend time in my salon. Here are a few ways to begin building your relationships with clients today. 

1. Greet Every Client

A successful salon benefits everyone.  All nail techs contribute to the environment of a nail salon. Make it a statement to greet every client that walks through the door, even if they are not there for your services. A greeting will make all clients feel acknowledged and comfortable. 

2. Offer a Drink or Snack

You don’t know what occurred to your client before they entered your salon. We all have our day-to-day realities, so offering a drink or snack may seem like a simple gesture but can mean a lot to someone else. 

3. Don't Take Personal Phone Calls in the Salon

Your clients are coming to you for an experience to receive the best service. Be fully attentive and save personal phone calls for the breakroom or outside the salon. Only use your cellphone inside of the salon when taking business calls. Not only will clients feel more tended to, but you will make fewer mistakes with fewer distractions. 

Clients Remember How You Make Them Feel

People will never forget the way you make them feel. Clients will notice these simple gestures, and they can make all of the difference for your business. Your business is unique to you, so make it feel unique for your clients.  




Do you teach? Also what would you say the correct journey or outlets to use to become a successful nail tech? Like did you go to cosmetology school or just a nail school?? Do you recommend any nail classes in particular now?

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