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You Can Only Guarantee Your Work

Tammy Taylor Nails French Nails

A nail salon is more than a room with pretty colors on the wall and big comfortable chairs. For some clients, a salon is a form of self-care, a moment to relax, a break from stressors, and a way to boost their confidence. Nail techs specialize in a unique art form, and I know they put in a lot of practice and mistakes to perfect their work and create that environment for their clients. Personally, a new set of nails makes me feel like I am at my very best. You want your clients to leave the salon feeling beautiful while leaving yourself proud of your work. So, what happens when a new client comes in from another salon and needs a fill over another nail tech’s work? You are pleased to work with a new client and welcome them into your salon to deliver your best service. However, the client soon returns to your salon because their nails did not last. What do you do? 


Don’t Mix Products

It can be difficult working over someone else’s work. Nail techs spend hours in salons crafting their style and creating a capsule of products that work best for them. When a new client needs a fill, you’ll have to consider how their previous nail tech designed their nails and with which products. Nail Brands create their products to work well with each other and often do not work well with another product line. This mixture of products will have clients returning to your salon with nail breakage. Ideally, your client would soak off their nails to apply a fresh, long-lasting set. Here’s the problem, clients might not want to spend the extra money for a new set.

Long-Lasting Nails and Money

Now you have two problems. How do you ensure clients have long-lasting nails? And how do you set a reasonable price for new clients while maintaining the integrity of your experience? I suggest having a special for new clients only. New clients will pay the cost of a fill for a brand new set of nails. A new set will guarantee the longevity of your work and build a strong foundation for their next fill. Clients can come in with their nails already taken off or pay an extra $10 to go in an hour before their appointment to soak off. Some clients may choose to opt-out of the special. If this happens, be transparent and let them know you can’t guarantee long-lasting nails since the mixture of products may not work well together. 

Transparency and Your Expertise

You are the nail tech with the expertise and know what's best for your client’s nails. Take the time to be transparent with new clients because they may assume all products are the same. Explain the pricing and why a new set will be more cost and time-efficient. Ultimately, both you and your client will save time and money.


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