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Revamp Old Nails for Any Special Occasion– Here’s How


Your nails are an accessory to your look, much like your go-to set of earrings or favorite shade of lip color. They give you a particular type of confidence, and with so many nail shapes, colors, and designs offered, your nails tell a unique story of who you are as an individual. I always think of my next nail design, especially with an upcoming occasion or holiday. So, what do you do with an old set of nails in need of a revamp? Adding Dazzle Rocks and Cover It Up Powder to your manicure can make an old set of nails look new and strong enough to last through any special occasion and holiday. Here is a step-by-step guide for revamping a manicure you’ll want to show off.

1 Prep Your Nails 

Proper nail preparation before any manicure lays a strong foundation for  long-lasting and healthier nails. To prep an old manicure, you will need to do a fill to conceal any discoloration and fill lines before adding Dazzle Rocks glitter. Filling in the lines will create a smooth foundation, which will cause your nails to have a smooth finish. Use the Cover It Up Powder to fill in lines and brighten the color on the nail bed. You can also add Micro Fine Dazzle Rocks glitter to your nail powder to conceal fill lines and discoloration. I recommend filling the nail bed before working on the free edge to avoid getting glitter in your wet product or Dappen Dish.


2 Ready for Nail Encapsulation

It is time to apply Dazzle Rocks. You can use Dazzle Rocks alone or add it to your free edge powder color, whichever captures the look you want to style. 

Step 1: Drill out the free edge

Step 2: Apply a coat of Flawless Foundation

Step 3: Place Dazzle Rocks on wet foundation and cure

Step 4: Apply a ball of Crystal Clear acrylic powder to encapsulate Dazzle Rocks

Step 5: File for a smooth surface and desired shape

Step 6: Apply Top Gel Plus


Now you have your finished look! You can always use this as your manicure routine for revamping your nails. 



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